Unveiling the realities: a conversation with Wayne Hudspath of Disrupt the Cycle

Dive into the depths of modern death metal with Wayne Hudspath, the driving force behind Disrupt the Cycle. In this exclusive interview, Hudspath shares the band’s origin story, the inspiration behind their name, and the creative process that brought forth their provocative EP, “King of the Rats.” From the struggles of daily life to the internal conflicts within the world of music, Disrupt the Cycle’s music mirrors raw, real experiences. Join us as we explore the ethos behind their sound, the challenges faced during the making of “King of the Rats,” and their aspirations to bring something fresh to the death metal scene. Get ready to disrupt the cycle and embrace the unfiltered intensity of Disrupt the Cycle’s musical journey.

What inspired the name “Disrupt the Cycle,” and how does it reflect the band’s philosophy or message?

The name came when interrupting the laundry cycle, but I think society is moving toward a dark future and unless we alter our perspectives we are doomed.

The EP “King of the Rats” seems to have a provocative title. Can you share the concept behind it and how it ties into the music?

King of the Rats is symbolic of how I feel at work sometimes honestly haha. I find it amazing how people can find time in their day to try and degrade and try to sabotage people they don’t like. Integrity and doing the right thing will always persevere over these types of people however and leaves me feeling like King of the Rats sometimes.

How did the band come together, and what led to the decision to delve into the death metal genre specifically?

The concept of Disrupt the Cycle was really formed around the idea of modern death metal without the extra ambient and electronic layering stuff a lot of bands have been focusing on so heavily lately.

Are there particular themes or stories explored within the EP’s tracks, and how do they resonate with the band’s vision?

The EPs lyrical content is based off of stuff that is going on in my life. King of the Rats is a lot about my job, I wrote Taking You for my wife, and our self-titled track is about my internal struggles with music.

What challenges did you face while crafting “King of the Rats,” and how did the band overcome them?

Trying to make 3 very different tracks sound a part of the same puzzle was a struggle but I think it came out great.

In what ways does Disrupt the Cycle strive to push boundaries or innovate within the death metal genre?

We strive to add different elements with every release while remaining true to our death metal roots, and plan on keeping that structure forever.

Can you discuss the creative process behind your music, from songwriting to recording and production?

Every track on KOTR I just spend a lot of time coming up with an into rhythm guitar riff and the rest just pours out.

How do you envision your music impacting listeners, both in terms of the emotions it evokes and the messages it conveys?

I wish it could be seen as relatable honestly. Everything in this release is real and sometimes not so pretty but awesome in the end.

Are there any specific influences, musical or otherwise, that significantly shape Disrupt the Cycle’s sound and ethos?

As far as vocals I have to pay tribute to bands like The Black Dahlia Murder, DevilDriver, and Parkway Drive because of their distinct tone and song structures being so inspirational. The musical inspirations have to be In Flames and Veil of Maya mixed with traditional death metal riffage.

Looking ahead, what’s next for the band? Any plans for future releases or live performances?

A new single will be coming very soon, followed by an album and some other endeavors I can’t discuss at the moment.

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