Unveiling sonic majesty: THE DEPTH BENEATH US’ debut LP – A multifaceted musical odyssey

Hailing from the heart of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the powerhouse quintet known as THE DEPTH BENEATH US emerges as a testament to the artistry born from decades of musical kinships. Officially crystallizing in 2018, this collective of talents — guitarists Mike McCormick, Daniel Eckrich, and Matt Rockman; bassist Ryan Manning; and drummer Wes Shatzer — embarked on a sonic voyage that amalgamates an eclectic array of influences into a mesmerizing musical narrative.

Their debut LP stands as a testament to fortuitous creativity, where the fusion of blues, metal, shoegaze, and space rock coalesces into a sound both commanding and fluid. A testament to their dedication and finesse, the album’s genesis lay in a desire to explore the realms of home recording and internet outreach. However, what transpired was a musical odyssey, meticulously nurtured during an extended pandemic hiatus, resonating with the uncertainties of our times.

Harnessing humility and courage, the band ventured forth, assembling a remarkable team of engineers to bring their vision to life. Recorded under the meticulous ears of Michael Washkevich at MDW Productions in their hometown, the album then underwent the alchemical mixing wizardry of Steve Durose (known for his work with Oceansize, Vennart, and Amplifier). The final touch, mastering at Abbey Road Studios by Frank Arkwright, bestowed an undeniable sheen upon the sonic canvas.

“The album is a sonic essay crafted for aficionados of expansive musical journeys, intricate arrangements, and heartfelt compositions,” remarked one reviewer. “It seamlessly weaves contemplative melodies of post-rock shoegaze with ambient textures and layers of immersive post-metal,” noted another, capturing the album’s dreamy and dynamic aura.

Listeners echoed unanimous acclaim, dubbing the album a masterpiece worth every moment of anticipation. “It’s akin to completing a 10,000-piece puzzle; the picture is now whole and breathtaking,” exclaimed one enthusiast.

The LP embodies a synergy of raw emotion and technical finesse, boasting high production quality, immaculate instrumentation, and a pristine musical clarity that invites listeners into a realm where ethereal beauty meets raw power. It stands as a testament to THE DEPTH BENEATH US’s unwavering dedication to creating a sonic universe that captivates and resonates profoundly.

As the album unfurls its sonic tapestry, it beckons all who listen to embark on a transformative journey, transcending genres and embracing the expansive vistas of musical expression.

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