Twin Age: Sweden’s symphonic answer to Genesis – A nostalgic tale

Twin Age, a once-promising Swedish band, has left behind a musical legacy that echoes the golden age of progressive rock. Their debut album, “Month of the Year,” transported listeners to an era of music when bands like Genesis held sway over the hearts of progressive rock enthusiasts. Twin Age’s music featured lengthy, moody tracks with extended instrumental passages, reminiscent of the Peter Gabriel-era Genesis. The influences from this iconic band are palpable in their use of keyboards, guitars, and bass.

Twin Age’s sound, while undoubtedly drawing inspiration from Genesis, was not a mere copy. Their unique vocal style set them apart, giving their music a distinct identity. A delicate touch of the Mellotron, a classic instrument of the progressive rock era, added a symphonic layer to their sound. In many ways, they paid homage to the greats while carving out their niche in the genre.

The album “Month of the Year” pays tribute to the transformative impact of progressive rock, particularly through Genesis’ 1976 album “Trick of the Tail.” It’s a testament to the band’s ability to craft songs with captivating melodies, even if they leaned into the Genesis sound. Twin Age’s music, with its symphonic textures and Hackettesque guitar licks, was an invitation to reminisce about the golden age of progressive rock.

While it’s unclear whether Twin Age sought comparisons to Genesis, their musical journey was one of undeniable talent and promise. Regrettably, as time passed, the band faded into obscurity, and it appears that they no longer exist. Nevertheless, their contributions to the world of progressive rock are worth celebrating, and their legacy lives on in the music they left behind.

Twin Age’s music was an exquisite blend of influences from bands like IQ, embracing the vocal stylings of Peter Gabriel and the pastoral sections reminiscent of “Selling England by the Pound.” Their sound also featured hints of early Marillion’s symphonic washes, creating a neo-progressive style with strong melodies and tasteful musicianship.

In conclusion, Twin Age, the Swedish symphonic band, may have vanished from the music scene, but their debut album, “Month of the Year,” remains a testament to their talent and their nod to the giants of the progressive rock genre. Their music, with its heartfelt nods to the past, serves as a reminder of the rich history of progressive rock and its enduring impact on the world of music.
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