“Thank You from the Future” – A 2022 masterpiece from the heart of America

As we approach the end of 2023, it’s worth looking back at some of the remarkable musical offerings from the United States in 2022. In a year that continued to witness the resurgence of progressive rock, one album that shone brightly was “Thank You from the Future“. This masterpiece not only confirmed but also amplified the positive impressions of american prog rock. With its intricate compositions, concise song structures, and an absence of overt historical references, it can be likened to the early works of Echolyn, making it an exciting addition to the genre.

Moon Letters, a progressive rock band established in Seattle in 2016, gained international acclaim with their debut album, “Until They Feel the Sun“, produced by Barrett Jones of Foo Fighters fame. The album’s release at the Seaprog festival in 2019 swiftly catapulted Moon Letters to the forefront of the emerging American progressive rock scene.

Before diving into the music, it’s essential to acknowledge the stunning album cover created by the Argentine artist Mariano Peccinetti. The artwork features a sunlit field of flowers under a nighttime sky with Saturn on the horizon, where a black-and-white image of a woman photographs two “rainbow” children. This image symbolizes the convergence of past and future, a perfect prelude to the music that awaits.

“Thank You from the Future” runs for approximately forty minutes, and from the very start, the melodies captivate the listener. The music flows smoothly and seamlessly within complex rhythmic structures, striking a balance between being intricate and enjoyable, devoid of artificial or cloying elements. This is where the band truly excels.

The album consists of seven tracks, and the first two, “Sudden Sun” and “The Hrossa,” stand out as some of the finest. “Sudden Sun” is intricate and captivating, featuring enveloping choral arrangements and remarkable keyboard-guitar interplay, reminiscent of the more melodic side of Bubblemath. In contrast, “The Hrossa” has a more conventional start, with soft, expressive vocals by Michael Trew and powerful guitar riffs by Dave Webb.

“Isolation and Foreboding” is another highlight, featuring Mike Murphy’s excellent bass work, unconventional rhythms, and the introduction of flute. An electric guitar riff precedes a sudden break, thanks to Trew’s vocals, before an electrifying synthesizer solo leads to the song’s conclusion.

“Yesterday Is Gone” is notable for its dynamic soundscapes and captivating instrumental interplay. The album’s finale is grand and symphonic. Amidst this sonic tapestry, “Child of Tomorrow,” beautifully interpreted by Trew, and the Echolyn-esque “Fate of the Alacorn” shine as smaller gems within this highly enjoyable work.

“Thank You from the Future” is a testament to the health of the American progressive rock scene in 2022. The album impresses with its refined melodies, intricate compositions, and a willingness to be moderately concise. As we approach the end of 2023, this work continues to be a delightful addition to the progressive rock landscape, drawing inspiration from the past while offering a glimpse into the future.

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